Craniosacral Therapy for Babies

Craniosacral therapy offers profoundly effective support for babies and infants. It can soothe and help resolve difficulties a baby might be having with feeding, digestive problems such as colic and sleeping difficulties. Craniosacral work is particularly helpful where there has been a difficult birth. It can also assist with the bonding process between mother and baby. Babies are known to respond very quickly to craniosacral treatments and can often only need one or two sessions to restore them to their optimum health.

What to expect in a Craniosacral Therapy session:

The treatment is non invasive and uses very gentle touch.
text markerThe parent or primary carer is present throughout the session and often holds the baby.
text markerIt is done without removing clothes or nappies.
text markerVery gentle hands-on contact is made by the therapist in order to listen to the body’s needs and facilitate healing.



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